STEM in ELA Class Pictures

Mrs. Tulachka and Mrs. Armbruster collaborated to incorporate some STEM into ELA class. The

students read an article about the 4 types of learning, and students were asked which type of
learning they thought they preferred. To help students understand, Mrs. Armbruster brought in
LEGO bricks to help them realize what each type of learning looks like. Students were asked to
try to use visual clues to build a LEGO design (Visual), listen to oral directions to build a pumpkin (Auditory), use written instructions to build a heart (Reading/Writing), and then be given no
instructions and just try to build an airplane (Kinesthetic). These activities opened up great conversation and allowed the student to experience all four types of learning in a fun way. Many of
the students began to realize that they need multiple methods of learning to truly understand and
accomplish a learning goal.