May Middle School Ambassadors

Congratulations to each of the Mishicot Middle School Ambassadors for May! 

Agriculture - Aubrie Reif - Aubrie was not afraid to tackle large tasks for her final Ag landscaping project of the year, when flooding set her behind she became innovated and determined to create a plan to start over and persevere!

Art - Alexis Brey - Alexis you came back strong and completed your art work even when you were falling behind. You showed you have tenacity to get to the finish line.

Band - Andrew Wagner - Andrew, you have been working very hard over not just the last month, but the whole year to become a great alto sax player. You made it a priority to make it to our Zoom lessons each week and come prepared. Keep working this summer to get better and we will see you in the fall.

Choir - Paxton Armbruster - Paxton is a great example of how music is the expression of the human experience through sound. He was able to use music to enhance his experiences during this tough time. He takes ambition to learn new things, and has gotten all of his work in on time! Great Job Paxton!

English Language Arts - Hope Recore - Throughout this school year, Hope, you have done an amazing job of showing your true character. You never settle for less than your best work and ask questions when you need. In addition, I greatly appreciate how you are willing to always help those around you! While we have been away from school, I have been impressed with the work you have presented and your diligence in completing each task. Thank you for continuing to work hard, giving it your best, and asking questions that were appropriate!

FACS - Brady Urbanek - Brady, you have been doing a great job of keeping up with all of your work through online learning in FACS as well as going above and beyond are sharing what you are cooking at home. Excellent job!

Math - Julie Koeppel - Throughout the entire school year you have demonstrated the skills and work ethic needed to be a successful mathematician. You have adjusted to virtual learning quite well and have turned in quality work. I am so very proud of you and wish you luck in high school.

Phy Ed - Lainey Marquardt - You have always been awesome to have in class, hard working, honest and kind. You have shown an excellent ability to adapt to this new learning style.

Science - Davin Olson - Davin, you have been an awesome online learner! I appreciate the effort you have put into all of your work, especially your creative owl video and slide show! I know that the 3rd graders will appreciate your time and effort to help them learn about owls. Thanks for your positive attitude and dedication to learn despite the challenges you faced.

Social Studies - Owen Kroening - Owen, you have accepted the challenge of online learning and gone above and beyond expectations. Not only have you completed the assignment requirements, you have dug deeper to learn more about the historical events and their impact on our Nation. I have truly enjoyed reading your open ended responses to opinion questions, as it is evident you have given the question much thought. Thanks for all of your hard work throughout the year and espcially during these past few months.

Spanish - Kenneth Thuermer - Kenneth, excellent job in working with a Spanish concept that is brand new to you and showing me your excellent understanding of that during May. Online work has been completed long before due dates - Nice job!