Middle School Ambassadors for April

Congratulations to each of the Mishicot Middle School Ambassadors for April! 

Agriculture - McKenzie Wotachek - McKenzie goes above and beyond to tie her farm lifestyle into her agriculture curriculum via distance learning. She keeps a strong sense of passion, professionalism and of course humor tied to each assignment and works hand in hand with her family to complete tasks together learning at home and online all at once.

Art - Abigail Pappathopoulos - Abby gets her work done in the online learning situation in a timely manner, while always doing her best. She asks questions when in doubt.

Band - Moriah Charles - Moriah has been working really hard on practicing and getting better on her flute. She has been self motivated and continued to practice and grow while at home. Great job, Moriah!

Choir - Adalyn Dewey - Ady has been awesome during virtual learning. She responds to all of my communication and she gets all her assignments in on time. She shows kindness and care in how she responds and really listens to the directions. I know that she watches my videos and completes her work based on that. She is a wonderful young lady. Great Job Ady!

English Language Arts - Brodie Till - Brodie has done an awesome job getting his work completed and turned in with no mistakes. Despite distance learning, Brodie continues to ask questions to make sure he is always doing his best work. Keep it up Brodie!

FACS - Bella LeClaire - Bella has worked above and beyond expectations during online learning. Not only does she complete everything on time, but she is thorough and creative in each assignment. Nice job, Bella!

Math - Seth Rauber - Seth has done an amazing job with the transition to online learning. He is always on top of the homework and asking questions to help his understanding of the material. Thank you for your hard work and keep it going!

Phy Ed - Taylor Tauschek - From home you have shown how much you care about your education, and how dedicated you are to getting better. You are handling this so professionally, you communicate well, ask questions and are always respectful in your communication. Keep working hard!

Science - Megan Hibbard - Megan, I have been impressed with your follow through during this virtual learning experience. You have done everything I have asked of you, and you have done so with great effort! Thank you so much for your hard work. I said it all year long, and I will tell you again now, "I have faith in you, and I KNEW you could do it!"

Social Studies - Cora Nelson - Cora, I am so impressed with your approach to virtual learning. The high quality of work you have turned in has been most impressive. Completing tasks prior to due dates and making corrections on assessments when needed without reminders has made you stand out. Thank you for doing your part to make the transition to virtual learning as seamless as possible. Best of luck next year Cora and I will always be here to help.

Spanish - Kaden Schmidt - Kaden, you have done a nice job at communicating during our online learning. You have strong language skills and are very capable with the language. Keep up your great work! Señor

Mr. Van Hefty - Michael Pilon - Mike, I am so proud of the hard work you have put into virtual learning. You take the time to Zoom each day to make sure you are completing your work. What is really impressive is taking the time to contact teachers and letting them know you will be gone for the weekend so you can turn in work early before you leave. You are a great example of how a student should act during this difficult learning time. Well done!