Sportsmanship Shout -Out.

Mishicot Fans,

This is a letter we received from the varsity officials from our football game against Cedar-Grove Belgium and the WIAA.

I wanted to share this Sportsmanship Plus report from the officials that
worked your football game last week. Congratulations and thanks for your
efforts and those of your coaches and student-athletes in making high
school sports a positive and educational experience for all involved!

Todd Clark-WIAA

The athletic director,Terri Risch, met us at the door, showed us our
locker room, gave us water, and escorted us to the field.  Excellent job
for treating us well to start!  The game was well played with only 4
total fouls.  A Mishicot player had a significant injury and Coach
Schreurs from Cedar Grove Belgium came over and checked to see if he was
OK.  Excellent leadership on his part by demonstrating concern about an
opponent to his team.  Coach Fix from Mishicot also did a great job
communicating with the officials and his team during the game.  His
sideline was clean the whole game.  Nice work coaches on leading your
teams by acts of outstanding sportsmanship.

Football Officials for Mishicot vs Cedar-Grove Belgium
>       Paul Berken, Steve Luedeman, Kyle Christiansen, Rhod Fields