Lunch Hero Day

Lunch Hero Day is on Friday, May 7!  Please take a moment this week to acknowledge our Lunch Heroes who are providing a wonderful breakfast and lunch every day for staff members and students!

At the Elementary School, these ladies are now serving 120+ meals for breakfast and 300+ meals for lunch!! 
At the Middle School and High School, these ladies are now serving 140+ meals for breakfast and 330+ meals for lunch. They also served 160 cinnamon rolls for one of their breakfast days and ran out!!! That's a lot of rolls!!!

A special thank you to the kitchen staff members who make this possible each day!!
Head Cooks: Jean Bohacek and Kalyn Reimer
Assistant Cooks: Dawn Behrmann and Jill Pribek
Kitchen helpers: Donna Musil and Darlene Boettcher
Supervisors: Stacy Sanford and Kathy Lespeance
Checkout helpers: Connie Peter, Debbie Gorzlanzyk and Jon Sousek
All around helpers for both schools: Nikki Behrmann and Jacque Wiebensohn
Sub for both schools: Judy Mangin