Manitowoc County Schools Back ‘Three Ws’

Manitowoc County schools care deeply about our students, families and communities - and we are committed to do what we can to keep everyone safe and healthy. Our schools are using mitigation measures that include the “ three Ws” - W atch your distancing, W ash hands and W ear masks . The use of these strategies will help us continue to provide face to face learning.

Manitowoc County schools will continue to follow our district protocols on these three key safety measures for the foreseeable future for all students, staff and visitors to our buildings. Research shows that properly wearing a facial covering significantly reduces the risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19. We are excited that we have seen a decline in the number of Positive COVID-19 cases throughout Manitowoc County and look forward to COVID-19 vaccinations being available to our staff after March 1.

As educators, we join all county residents in wanting our communities to return to “normal” as quickly as possible. We want all students to continue in-person learning, and to participate in sports, concerts, festivals and other school events and gatherings. To get there, we need everyone’s support. Thank you for all you have done already and for your continued support of your students’ education amid this pandemic - we appreciate your partnership.