Dear Mishicot Parents and Community,

At Monday night’s school board meeting, the board approved the contract for Mr. Paul Orlich, Mishicot High School Principal, to become the Superintendent/High School Principal for the 2018-2019 school year. Let me congratulate Mr. Orlich for the honor and privilege to lead this district! I truly believe that he is taking on a great opportunity to serve as your superintendent, for this staff and community is second to none in its commitment to students and their achievement.

As many of you are aware, following the resignation of the previous superintendent, I was appointed to serve for this school year until July. The board needed to begin a process this past November to find a replacement who would be selected in the spring. They began that process at their first November meeting by interviewing two search firms who both shared their timelines for a search, and the costs associated with a search. In the discussion that ensued, it was brought up that we had an internal qualified member of our administration who was licensed as a superintendent, and had already established himself as a positive administrator in the district. The board reached consensus to interview Mr. Orlich at their next meeting, and then came to a unanimous decision to offer him the contract to serve in the dual roles of superintendent and high school principal for next year.

The board is aware that this process did not allow for forums, both with the staff and the community, in which participants can discuss the qualities and attributes that they would like to see in a superintendent. However, given the opportunity that was handed them to both hire a positive aspiring administrator from within, and also assist with the overall fiscal health of the district, they decided to make their decision at this point in time. His appointment will also allow ample time for our office team to assist him in this transition period as well.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Paul Orlich!


Lee Bush, Interim Superintendent

School District of Mishicot