Linking School Experiences to Career Goals

Students at Mishicot High School will develop a Academic and Career Planning Portfolio as one tool to show evidence of their readiness for post secondary education and/or employment.

The Career Portfolio contains eight categories

  • Introduction
    • Biographical Information
    • Career Cruising Portfolio
  • Assessment
    • Reflections on Personal Inventories and Assessments
    • WorkKeys Reflection
  • Post Secondary Planning
    • Career Expo Reflection
    • Reality Store Reflection
    • College Comparison Chart
    • Majors/Degrees Comparison Chart
    • 4 year College Mock Application
    • Technical College Mock Application
    • Campus Tour Reflection
    • Career Plan
  • Employability
    • Activities Sheet
    • Letter of Recommendation Form
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Resume
    • Job Search and Job Ad Print Outs
    • Cover Letter
    • Mock Application
    • Mock Interview Evaluation
  • Job Shadow
    • Career Research
    • Career Comparison Chart
    • Mentor Eval of Job Shadow
    • Student Eval of Job Shadow
  • Reflective Practices
  • Paperwork/Awards and Recognition
    • Transcripts
    • Certificates
  • Resources

Career development is a lengthy process of addressing the questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there? It is a proactive process of developing workplace values, skills, personal qualities, and knowledge of one’s chosen career. By the senior year, students will have had ample opportunity to develop the portfolio before they showcase it.

The Academic and Career Planning Portfolio offers benefits for students, parents, teachers & employers. Creating the portfolio helps students make the connection between educational experiences and career goals. Students will analyze their personal accomplishments or lack of in relation to their readiness for employment.

For parents, the portfolio becomes a visual tool to see the progress/direction their son/daughter is making in preparation for the world of work. Parents share in the responsibility of helping their children prepare for gainful employment. They need to stress to their children there is a correlation between attitude toward work, academic achievement, workplace skills, co-curricular involvement, and being a self-sufficient contributing member of a community.

For teachers, the portfolio becomes a vehicle to articulate between school and career. The teacher’s role is to serve as a facilitator as he/she works closely with students in the development process.

For employers, the portfolio is a showcase of student’s best works and what they have accomplished related to their chosen career. It will allow employers to assess how prepared a student may be to enter the workforce or post secondary institution. As a partner in the educational process, it behooves employers and college admissions representatives to become as knowledgeable as they can about prospective employees. A student’s Career Portfolio will assist in selecting applicants for a position or admission.