Academic Team 

Students in the Olympian Conference have a competition every year. The contest is comprised of two parts: 50 computer generated questions in categories of Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts, with questions in the same subjects plus Current Events.

Battle of the Books 

Book List

Battle of the Books is a competition in which students form a team of three and share the responsibility of reading 60 novels. They can compete against each other by naming, in 30 seconds, the title of the book and the author after one question is asked. The team with the most points after five battles competes against the winners at three other schools to become the Battle of the Books champions.


The Mishicot FFA is an organization based on premier leadership, personal growth and career success. Any student in the grades between 7th and 12th can be a member. Currently our Chapter offers students the ability to travel through the U. S. and take part in many activities locally. Our Chapter is nationally ranked and is a strong part of the Mishicot Community.

FIRST Lego League (Robotics)

Guided by mentors, teams (up to 10 members each, grades 4-8) research a real-world problem such as food safety, recycling, energy, etc., and are challenged to create and develop a solution. They then present this solution before a panel of judges. They also must strategize, design, build, program, and repair a robot using Lego Mindstorms EV3 to compete on a table-top playing field. The season begins in September and teams compete at the Lakeshore Technical College Regional in November.

Geography Bee

This contest is held throughout the United States and tests students’ knowledge of all aspects of geography. This includes physical geography, along with things such as movement, location, and human environment interaction in the world. The student that is the district wide winner completes a written list to go on to compete at the state level competition.

Solo and Ensemble 

Students must be enrolled in Band or Music or both to participate. Students can pick out music and compete on their own or with other students. Please see your music teacher if you are interested in participating in Solo and Ensemble.

Student Council 

Student Council is a group of students that are elected from each middle school homeroom that provide several services for the school and community. They run the school store, sponsor dances, and are involved with community service projects at both the local and national level.

Cross Country

Mishicot Cross Country offers boys and girls teams that start practice in the fall before the second week of August. We compete with our division teams and in large invitational meets. We have been growing strong in the past few years and are proud of our strong runners. We compete on Door County trails and host our own meet which is the “Jim Bremser Invitational”. We have a beautiful course with inclines and declines on wood lined trails. Cross Country is a disciplined sport that requires inner strength and a motivated attitude. If you like being a part of a close knit group and enjoy running 400 – 500 miles a season, we have exactly what you are looking for.


Middle School Football focused on the development of basic skills: the continued growth of general knowledge of the game of football, but also with an emphasis on participation and having fun. There are 7 to 8 games each season. These games are generally held on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Boys Basketball

The foundation of Mishicot basketball comes from within each individual. Our staff and players believe that pride, passion, humility, and unity are the keys to success. Once character has been instilled in each player we focus on physical fitness and the fundamentals of basketball. Players are expected to devote their time to improving their strength, foot quickness, and diet. When we are on the floor we work on a variety of skills. Offensively we focus on proper shooting form, ball handling, screens, and rebounding. On the defensive end, denial, ball pressure, help and communication are vital to our program.

Girls Basketball

We have a philosophy in Girl’s Basketball, that we expect total effort and motivation from each player at every practice and during all the games. Game time is when we put what we have learned during practice into perfection. Our belief is that you play like you practice, we win or lose games during practice. You must be focused on what must be done before, during and after the game. Our motto is, “Fail to prepare and prepare to fail.” Determination, desire and dedication win games. Offensive fundamentals to be focused on include, ball handling, proper shooting techniques (balance, eyes, elbow, feet) back door cuts, screens and free throws. Defensive fundamentals include: man/zone defense, being in a defensive stance, communication, ball pressure, defending cutters, help and recover and boxing out. Qualities we hope our players will have: confidence, emotional stability, loyalty, unselfishness and team success.

Track and Field 

Mishicot Track and Field has been growing strong over the past years and has built a foundation of hard work and self discipline. Track and Field has a lot to offer dedicated athletes with various talents and strengths. We offer boys and girls shot put, discus, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, and high jump as our special technique events along with sprinting, middle and long distance. We have had the opportunity to participate in Sectional and State competition in the last years. Participating in Track and Field gives you the opportunity to succeed as an individual with a whole team behind you.


It is to expose the young player to the game of volleyball. Emphasis is placed on learning the basic skills, teamwork, and enjoyment of the game. We want to develop pride in our school and our young students through the sport of volleyball.


Middle School Wrestling can improve your basic motor skills, give you better hand/eye coordination, and increase your overall drive to succeed We teach you the basic wrestling moves, which will also benefit you in other areas through increased flexibility. Wresting is a sport that can improve your performance in other athletic competitions… from football to golf. Competing in tournaments and meets is optional.