PLAN – 11th grade


ACP stands for Academic and Career Planning. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction ACP Model is KNOW, EXPLORE, PLAN, and GO. Junior year of the ACP process at MHS will focus on EXPLORE. This includes participating in self awareness activities, job shadowing, campus tours, college applications, high school activities sheets and individual goal setting. Advisement will focus on building relationships, transitioning to life after high school, strengths, weaknesses, and post secondary plans.

Term 1

Week 1 How has Advisement changed? Handbook and policies

Week 2 Transcript Check/Grad Requirements/Into to Career Cruising

Week 3 WEF

Week 4 Job Shadow Choices and Research Questions C.12.1.2, H.12.2.4, I.12.4.1, I.12.1.1

Week 5 Job Shadow Research Questions C.12.1.2, H.12.2.4, I.12.4.1, I.12.1.1

Week 6 WEF Reflection A.12.3.1

Week 7 Gender Roles

Week 8 Reality Store Prep

Week 9 ACT and Work Keys Overview

Term 2

Week 10 Academic Day

Week 11 Reflective Practices Artifacts and Forum Model

Week 12 Gratitude/Staff Thank yous

Week 13-14 My Big Future – College Search

Week 15-16 UW, Tech, and Private College Booklets B.12.1.1, B.12.2.1, B.12.2.3

Week 17 College Comparison Chart B.12.1.1, B.12.2.1, B.12.2.3

Week 18 Career Cruising 4 year plan H.12.1.1, B.12.1.1

Term 3

Week 19 Reflective Practices Forum with admin.

Week 20-21 Registration

Week 22 College Steps – Magazine

Week 23 Money in my Pocket – brochure

Week 24 Tech College Application

Week 25 UW College Application

Week 26 Campus Tours

Week 27 Sexual Harassment – booklet

Term 4

Week 28 Reflective Practices prep for employers

Week 29 Let’s get organized

Week 30 Junior Summer Plans E.12.1.1, C.12.1.2

Week 31 Think College Brochure

Week 32 Reflective Practices with Employers

Week 33 Activities in Career Cruising – Activities Sheet in portfolio employability section

Week 34 Cappex or ACT profile set up B.12.1.1, E.12.1.1

Week 35 Survey

Week 36 Team Building