KNOW- Who am I?


ACP stands for Academic and Career Planning. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction ACP Model is KNOW, EXPLORE, PLAN, and GO. Freshman year of the ACP process at MHS will focus on KNOW. This includes participating in self awareness activities, exploration activities, and individual goal setting. Advisement will focus on building relationships, transitioning to HS, and self exploration on one’s learning style, strengths, weaknesses, interests and skills.

Term 1

Week 1 What is Advisement? Handbook/policies

Week 2 Get to Know You/Bio Poem D.12.2.1, G.12.2.1, G.12.2.2

Week 3 HS 101/Rti

Week 4 Reflective Practices/Soft Skills Introduction

Week 5 Reflective Practices Artifact and Model Presentation

Week 6-7 Learning Styles Assessment/Reflection

Week 8 How to Get Good Grades Booklet/Final Exams B.12.1.1

Week 9 Community Service/How to get involved H.12.2.4, C.12.1.1, C.12.1.2

Term 2

Week 10 Intro Activities Sheets H.12.2.4, C.12.1.1, C.12.1.2

Week 11 Academic Day/Academic Day Thank You

Week 12 Gratitude/Staff Thank yous

Week 13 How to Read a Transcript/Com Laude check list

Week 14-15 Personality Test and Reflection B.12.2.3

Week 16 How to use a textbook A.12.3.1

Week 17 Activities in Career Cruising H.12.2.4, C.12.1.1

Week 18 Reflective Practices artifacts and simulated forum

Term 3

Week 19 Am I making the grade? B.12.1.1

Week 20-21 Registration

Week 24-25 Match Maker Assessment and Reflection

Week 26 College Justificator Pamphlet C.12.1.2, H.12.2.2

Week 27 Why Go to College? It’s all you baby Pamphlet C.12.1.2, H.12.2.2

Week 28 Sexual Harassment

Week 29 Reflective Practices Artifacts and forum with your advisor

Term 4

Week 30 Healthy Relationships D.12.1.1, D.12.1.2, D.12.2.1

Week 31 Bureau of Labor and Statistics I.12.5.1,

Week 32 Work Values and Reflection

Week 33 Reflective Practices forum with freshman advisors and school counselors

Week 34 Goal Setting/Year in Review B.12.2.1, E.12.1.1

Week 35 Post Survey/ Let’s get Organized

Week 36 Team Building D.12.2.1, G.12.2.1, G.12.2.2