Go – Senior year


ACP stands for Academic and Career Planning. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction ACP Model is KNOW, EXPLORE, PLAN, and GO. Senior year of the ACP process at MHS will focus on Go. This includes participating in activities that explore post secondary planning, resumes, cover letters, interviewing, college acceptance. Advisement will focus on building relationships, applying to college, scholarship applications, job search and interview process.

Term 1

Week 1 How has advisement changed? Handbook and policies

Week 2 Reflective Practices Artifacts and Forum Model

Week 3 College Application Process/Senior Meetings/College Essays

Week 4 Letters of Recommendations

Week 5 College Applications

Week 6 FAFSA

Week 7-8 Activities Sheets

Week 9 300 Club / Reality Store Prep

Term 2

Week 10 Academic Day

Week 11 Academic Day Thank Yous

Week 12 Gratitude/Thank you cards to staff

Week 13-14 Finding Job

Week 15-16 Building a Resume

Week 17 Reflective Practices with advisors

Week 18 Cover Letters

Term 3

Week 19 Cover Letters continued

Week 20-21 Intro to Portfolio and Word Cloud

Week 22 Title Page

Week 23 Dividers

Week 24 Table of Contents

Week 25-26 Organize to turning in portfolio for approval/Rubric

Week 27 Mock Application

Week 28 Reflective Practices Forum – with employers

Term 4

Week 29-30 Company Search

Week 30-31 Mock Interview Prep

Week 32 How to use Porfolio

Week 33 Mock Interview thank you

Week 34 Back of Transcript/Final Transcript

Week 35 survey – Reflect on the year

Week 36 Team Build